TDM provides all your solutions for the Pretreatment and handling of Landfill Gas and Digester Gas

We offer the most cost effective technologies for removing H2S and Siloxanes as well as turnkey systems which include these technologies as well as gas handling, and pressurization.   TDM offers Biogas Treatment and handling options and technologies that fit your application and your budget.

H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide)

TDM offers offer multiple solutions to treat Hydrogen Sulfide regardless of the levels. These choices range from the simplicity of dry media to the cost effectiveness and environmentally friendliness of Biotricking Filters and everything in between.  We have extensive experience in this area and will work with you to select the best choice for the application as well as for your capital and operating budget.


TDM offers the longest life media in the market for removing siloxanes and a full line of equipment to go with it.  we offer media for removing just Siloxanes as well as media for Silanes and Silanols and media that will also remove the VOC’s from your gas.

Moisture Removal

TDM offers dessicant as well as refrigerated drying systems for BioGas.

Thermal Oxidizers instead of Flares – Destruction Guaranteed

Flares offer an inexpensive and simple destruction option for excess gas but they do not guarantee destruction and can represent some operational issues and dangers.  TDM offers Thermal Oxidizers including RTO’s for this service.

Putting it all together

Our team can build you a turnkey system to completely treat your gas. The system can be as simple or as sophisticated as you require. We can even boost the gas if necessary. We are also happy to provide you one or more of the above components as stand alone items to match your system and your requirements.