Odortool Biofilters


Biofilters are a great solution for odor control as well as for industrial air pollution control and Biogas pretreatment. But all Biofilters are not created equal.

Odortool is the original and still the best in the industry, We offer state of the art systems that provide industry leading performance while also offering the simplest and lowest maintenance design.

We have the smallest footprint and simplest design for maintenance-free operation. Our media is guaranteed for ten years and will last a lot longer. We can provide extended performance guaranties on our systems as well.

Control the water, control the air, and let the bacteria do the rest.

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Biofilters should have structured media that never requires replacement.
Biofilters should not require prehumidification
Biofilters should not use carbon
Biofilter should not still be using organic media
Biofilter should not still be using random packed media
Biofilters should have a pressure drop of 6”WC or less and which never goes up

Biofilters should continually treat and air gas for many years continuously with almost no operator attention. Give us your dirty air or gas and some water and let our systems do the rest.

We have hundreds of installations. We have treated ( among others):

  • Lift stations
  • Headworks
  • Sludge storage and processing
  • Industrial VOC control