Activated Carbon Equipment, Media, & Service

TDM has been providing carbon equipment and service throughout the region since 1996. Whether it is media, equipment or service we are your one source.

We provide our customers with the best equipment and service backed by unparalleled technical and application experience. We offer a wide range of solutions which utilize activated carbon as well as other dry media for treating water, air, gas and odors. We back these solutions with the best activated carbon service in the region. As always, we are also your technical resource for activated carbon, whether that is media selection, carbon usage calculations using isotherm data, or in solving issues with your system.

We understand that in today’s competitive marketplace, you do not always have all the resources you need to complete your design and your budgeting work. For TDM customers, TDM is part of the team. We offer design assistance, sizing, carbon usage calculations, etc as well as work with you to develop a budget for the project.

Activated Carbon Equipment

Activated Carbon Media

Activated Carbon Service