Rental Equipment

Water Treatment Trailers

TDM offers many packaged water treatment systems in trailers
for fast rental when you can not wait for a custom-built system.
These systems are ready to go and will address your short- or
long-term needs.

Rental Components

We offer a wide range of components for treating air, water,
wastewater, stormwater, or soil.

Turnkey Remediation Systems

We offer a wide range of trailer or skid mounted systems prepiped
and ready to go.

TDM is the largest source of rental equipment for:

  • Activated Carbon Adsorbers
  • Oil / Water Separators
  • Bag Filters and Sand Filters
  • Pumps and hoses
  • Flowmeters
  • Chemical/Polymer Feed
  • Systems
  • Clarifiers
  • ICE systems
  • Air Strippers
  • Oxidizers
  • De-watering Systems
  • Bio-remediation
  • Arsenic and Metals Removal
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Free Product Recovery
  • Dual Phase Extraction