VOC Treatment & other Pollution Control Applications

When it comes to treating Volatile Organic compounds, there are several good options depending on the nature of the compounds, the level, and regulatory status, etc. We offer all of them. We can provide your choice or ours. We can offer you a single component or a complete treatment system.

We will work with you to find the best solution for your project, your site, and your budget. These solutions include not only the best technology for the project, but also the scope of supply that fits the project and your goals. We offer everything from a stand alone piece of equipment to a fully integrated treatment system. Flow rates from 20 to 2,000,000 CFM and everything in between.

Our team has designed and installed hundreds of systems and addressed the most difficult applications in the industry. Even so, we fully understand that no two applications or customers are the same. There is a lot more to finding the right solution than just finding one that will fit.

We also offer a unique line of hybrid systems that combine multiple technologies to fit the more challenging applications. For acid gas, SIO2, etc we offer a full line of wet scrubbers.

Biological Treatment

We will mitigate or eliminate your Hydrogen Sulfide without the expense of chemical treatment. Whether it is 50 ppm from a wastewater plant or 4000 ppmv from a Digester, we can handle it. We are the world leader in addressing Municipal and industrial applications and have more recently launched a design to work in the high H2S and low oxygen environment of Landfill and digester gas recovery. Any flow, any requirements and we have your answer. We offer the lowest operating cost in the industry with low maintenance and long life.

Thermal Destruction

Thermal destruction is an excellent solution for many applications. This reliable technology is easy to permit and can achieve very high levels of destruction. Our systems offer the highest heat recapture and lowest operating costs in the industry. Colt Technologies systems are robust and custom designed for your application. We also offer waste gas boilers as well as internal combustion engines and enclosed flares.

Carbon Adsorption

Activated carbon and other dry media is the simplest and usually least expensive to put into service. We offer a wide range of options including over a hundred types of activated carbon as well as other media . We offer innovative and custom designs for equipment to match the application. Whether it is a single adsorber or a full system, we are your first and only call.
For higher concentrations, we offer regenerative systems to allow the carbon last for years.

Hybrid Systems

Some applications do not fit neatly into any of the basic technologies. For these applications, we offer a unique set of solutions. These solutions utilize one or more of the technologies above combined to provide effective removal of virtually any contaminant at any level. These systems reduce the operating and capital costs while meeting the most stringent discharge requirements.