Hydrogen Sulfide

When it comes to treating Hydrogen Sulfide there are a lot of good options. TDM and its team offer multiple technologies for addressing Hydrogen Sulfide. We offer solutions for treating any level of H2S and essentially any flow rate.

These solutions address applications for municipal odor control, industrial H2S removal, as well as digester and landfill gas.

Dry Media

Dry media is the simplest and usually least expensive to put into service. We offer a wide range of options including activated carbon, iron oxide media, and a new scavenger media that has the longest bed life of any media in the industry. Which media is most appropriate will depend on the level of H2S, as well as the goals and constraints of the project.

We offer media that will stand up to the punishing requirements of Landfill or Digester Gas & remove any level of H2S without getting fouled up by Siloxane or other issues that surround this service.

On the other end, we offer carbon media that is ideally suited for removing more reasonable levels of H2S while working within the space constraints and tight budgets that often accompany this service.

Biological Treatment

We will mitigate or eliminate your Hydrogen Sulfide without the expense of chemical treatment. Whether it is 50 ppm from a wastewater plant or 4000 ppmv from a Digester, we can handle it. We are the world leader in addressing Municipal and industrial applications and have more recently launched a design to work in the high H2S and low oxygen environment of Landfill and digester gas recovery. Any flow, any requirements and we have your answer. We offer the lowest operating cost in the industry with low maintenance and long life.

Particulate and Chemical Scrubbers

When it comes to treating high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide for a minimal capital cost, chemical scrubbers are still a good choice. We offer a unique approach to this time proven concept. Our Venturi scrubber systems use far less chemicals than conventional scrubbers, fit in a smaller footprint and require less maintenance. Additionally, this innovative design can remove aerosols as well as particulate along with your Hydrogen Sulfide.

Thermal Destruction

For certain applications, thermal destruction may be the best answer. Many of these applications have other gases which also need to be removed, like methane, etc , making thermal destruction the simplest and most cost effective solution. We offer thermal oxidizers, enclosed flares, and waste gas boilers for this purpose and can provide you with the best solution for your application.