Oil and Grease Removal

TDM offers solutions for addressing oil and grease in industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, leachate, and groundwater.  We offer  simple mechanical solutions such for separation as well as emulsion breaking systems.

Oil/Water Separators

Units are available in sizes from 5 to 1000 GPM in a variety of materials.

  • Removal of all droplets above 20 microns without a mesh pad
  • Compact rectangular design
  • Hopper style for solids handling
  • Below ground or above ground  units
  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Standard designs or custom configuration
  • Non-clog, highly efficient med

TDM also offers a biological solution to eliminating this issue.  This approach is well suited to applications in lift stations as well as in plants.  The technology uses an endless supply of bacteria.

The BioCleaner system is a revolutionary, patented US technology that harnesses the power of nature to treat all types of wastewater.  The system uses specifically developed microbes that are present in a patented media and are produced on a constant basis .  These microbes are combined this with a highly efficient but simple aeration technology to mix these microbes together with the oxygen throughout the tank or lift station.   We combine this technology with our Oxygenator technology which provides sufficient oxygen for the bacteria to flourish and break down the oil and grease (it also eliminates H2S).