Oil Water Separators

  • Removal of all droplets above 20 microns without a mesh pad
  • Compact rectangular design
  • Hopper style for solids handling
  • Below ground units
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Flow rates to 1000 GPM
  • Standard designs or custom configuration
  • Most competitive prices
  • Non-clog, highly efficient media


HydroQuip offers a full line of inclined plate (also known as lamella type) clarifiers for removal of solids including iron and other metals. These units are offered with chemical feed and mixing tanks, etc.

Other Products

Hydro Quip offers a wide range of other products for treatment of stormwater and washwater applications such as:

Combined Clarifier/Separator Units—designed to remove solids as well as oil and grease. These units can be placed in underground vaults or designed for direct burial.

Modular Plate Packs—designed to make any tank or vault into an oil/water separator

More Options

Want additional equipment or an entire  packaged treatment system to go with this equipment ??

We can supply additional items with one of our separators or build an entire system to your design  . . . Or ours!!