Hybrid Systems

Some applications are best handled by utilizing more than one technology. We offer full turnkey packaged system which include multiple technologies combined to afford you the best overall performance and the most appropriate approach for your project.

In addition to simply packaging more than one technology, we offer innovative designs which utilize these technologies to extend the reach of these technologies. The heart of these systems is activated carbon, the tried and true solution. Carbon is effective at removing many contaminants and effective as a polish as well as a primary treatment. It is also capable of being reactivated repeatedly without much if any degradation of performance. We use this versatile technology to enhance other technologies in these innovative systyems . Some examples are:


Biofilters are often the best long term solution for air and odor applications. However, for many industrial applications this green technology cannot always attain the type of destruction efficiency often required. By adding a regenerating polishing step, we can attain essentially any destruction efficiency while maintaining the low operating costs and environmental advantages of biofiltration.

These systems feature our state of the art biofilters with a carbon polish. These systems come in standard or regenerative carbon units. Either way, this design allows us to offer a packaged systems that feature very low operating costs while also reducing the size and capital cost of the system. Our Bio-plus systems can also meet your most stringent discharge requirements.

Carbon Plus Systems

Carbon is effective on a wide range of applications. For certain applications, though, carbon usage can represent a high operating cost as well as a nuisance for industrial sites. We offer a solution that features the high efficiency and reliability of carbon while eliminating the need to replace the carbon.

These systems utilize our high efficiency carbon system to capture your contaminants and then destroy those contaminants using our state of the art biofilters or one of our high efficiency oxidizers. These systems are excellent for applications where the loading is a little too rich for carbon but not rich enough to justify a Bio-plus or an oxidizer system.