TDM is your Biogas headquarters offering the most effective gas Treatment technologies in the industry.     As your One Source, we have recently added some innovative filtration and drying technologies to the product line.

Desiccant Dryers

TDM  offers multiple options for drying landfill and digester gas.  For the customer looking for a reliable but simple solution that can fit the budget, our twin tower desiccant gas dryers are ideal.   Don’t let the low price tag fool you, this system is built to run continuously and deal with your most demanding application.   The twin tower design offers uninterrupted moisture removal whether you choose our regenerative or replaceable media design.

Refrigerated Dryers

Our  advanced cycling refrigeration air dryer combines the advantages of a direct thermal exchange with thermal storage, delivering two dryers in one. This combination greatly reduces the operating power consumption while still delivering steady Dew Point performance.  As with everything TDM sells,  the system provides reliable operations year after year.   The state of the art digital controls automatically adjusts to the demand, eliminating manual adjustments.