Chemical and Venturi Scrubbers

We offer a unique line Venturi scrubbers that can address all of the applications of traditional scrubbers while also addressing particulate, aerosols, as well as some VOCs.

Our systems require a lot less chemicals and water than traditional scrubbers, require a smaller footprint, and typically are less expensive.

Our systems perform as well or better than ESP’s in removing particulate but are typically far less expensive and require less maintenance.

Our scrubbers are an excellent pretreatment component with air streams which require removal of more than one type of contaminant.

Specialized Media for Landfills & Digester Gas

  • Long life media can take on any level of H2S
  • Can reduce even high influent H2S levels to 0.2 ppm
  • Works in low oxygen environment – ideal for Methane pretreatment
  • Media can be regenerated multiple times using ambient air