Location: Mid Atlantic PA

Project Summary:  A large landfill located in the Mid Atlantic is extracting methane gas which is sold to an Electric Power Generator for powering its turbines. Increasing concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) jeopardize the Electric Generator and the Landfills Air permits and are causing costly maintenance / repair to the combustion turbines.

Because of Title V Air permit violations, a quick cost effective solution and reduction in H2S was needed. We recommended their new media which removes 50-60% by weight H2S, needs minimal contact time (can use smaller vessels) and does not clump or solidify. A small pilot test (1 week) confirmed the efficiency of the media and gas parameters.

A full scale vessel and manifold system was installed in 3 weeks.  A performance guarantee that the media in Bed 1 [Vessel has 2 independent beds would last a minimum of 2 weeks [based on 4000 CFM and 800 ppmv H2S] was surpassed by an additional 4 weeks [50% removal by weight]. Maintenance and media replacement proved to be simple, quick and cost effective. [TDM also has a line of self dumping  vessels for this media which eliminate the need for vacuum equipment and services]

TDM offers multiple solutions for removing Hydrogen Sulfide as well as Siloxanes from Landfill as well as Digester Gas.  TDM offers a variety of technologies and designs which will  guarantee that we can  address your application while we save you money.