Siloxanes Treatment Systems

TDM offers a range of solutions for treating Hydrogen Sulfide using our dry media. We offer Equipment to treat gas streams from 20 CFM to 20,000 CFM and everything in between.  TDM offers Siloxanes Treatment equipment in a wide variety of materials – stainless steel, polyethylene, fiberglass and carbon steel.  TDM also offers some innovative designs that allow easier replacement service for the media.   We are the only ones able to do this mostly because of the superior properties of our media.

“Box” design.  TDM offers Siloxanes Treatment Equipment which is ideal for operation under lower pressure (under 3 psig pressure or vacuum).  This design is available in epoxy lined carbon steel  or stainless steel and in sizes up to 40 feet x 8 feet.

Cylindrical vessels:  this siloxanes treatment equipment can handle higher pressures (up to 100 psig pressure/ 8” HG vacuum), is available in sizes from 2 foot to 8 foot in diameter and, again is available in epoxy lined carbon steel or stainless steel.

Polysteel: Horizontal Cylindrical:  This design is a great alternative for higher media volumes and higher flowrates.  These unique vessels are manufactured from steel reinforced polyethylene and can tolerate operating pressures up to 5 PSIG pressure/vacuum and are designed for very long life.  They can be directly buried.

The Gravity Dump Design: These units feature efficient vertical bed designs which allow the media to be emptied and refilled without the use of vacuum systems. The operator simply pulls a lever and the media empties into a roll-off container or supersac. Not only does this greatly reduce the cost and service time for replacement service but it allows the operator to service their own equipment without the use of an outside vendor and can be completed by a small crew.

TDM offers complete systems with interconnecting manifolds    We also offer rental equipment for shorter term applications as well as equipment for pilot tests.  If you want to lease any of the above equipment, we can offer leasing on most of our equipment.

Siloxanes Media

Siloxanes removal from Landfill and Digester gas has become a significant challenge for operators of these plants. Whether it is methane derived from a landfill or from a municipal digester process, this gas contains some Siloxanes. This substance can cause significant damage to engines as well as compressors, where the Siloxanes come out of the gas and are deposited on the surface of the internals of this equipment.

While there are no shortage of companies out there offering removal technology, few deliver good results at a reasonable cost. TDM is proud to offer a range of solutions for this issue.

The most economical solution for removing Siloxanes is our standard non-regenerable medias. We offer several different medias for this purpose to address the variety of applications that exist at these sites. These medias meet or exceed the capacity of silica gels and other specialized medias and have several times the capacity of standard activated carbon media. The media has excellent mechanical properties.

TA-BG3 media: this unique media has the ability to remove both Siloxanes and Hydrogen Sulfide simultaneously.   While this dual capacity is somewhat muted by the placement of the media into a dry environment, it can act as a polishing media or safeguard for applications where there is either lower levels of H2S or there is already H2S treatment in place but the removal is not always sufficient.

This unique product starts with a premium grade activated carbon designed specifically for this purpose.  The media is then specially activated such that the mesopore regions are accentuated.  This step allows the media to specifically target the Siloxanes range of organic contaminants. The pore structure is so refined that the presence of most VOC’s will not degrade its performance.

TA-SV media: this media is intended for those applications where Siloxanes and VOC’s are the main targets.  We offer several versions of this media depending on the target removal.  We offer media specifically for removing Siloxanes as well as silanes and silanols or we can offer a media that will  also remove VOC’s.

Siloxanes capacity is difficult to predict but testing has indicated a capacity of 2-5% weight by weight.  Our media has removed as much or more than silica gels when placed in a head to head competition.

Theia Air offers a full line of Siloxanes treatment equipment to hold our media’s as well as equipment for rental or pilot tests.