H2S Media

Dry media is the simplest and usually least expensive to put into service. We offer a  range of options for different applications and levels of Hydrogen Sulfide.   This media is available as replacement media for your existing equipment or with any of our equipment.  Theia Air offers this media in vessels from 200 to 40,000 pounds in a variety of designs and materials

TA-OC3 media is ideal for odor control applications offering the highest capacity for H2S of anything on the market.  Unlike impregnated media, it will remove all your sulfur species and a number of your organic compounds as well.  It is safe and it is from a renewable source.  The media has excellent mechanical properties and is very low in dust.

H2S Media is more suited for treating  landfill and digester gas, removing over 50% of its own weight in H2S.  BG3 is also effective on siloxanes and will remove them along with H2S without any reduction in performance for H2S.  the media will not foul or bind and looks the same coming out as it does going in . . .  and it will never release H2S back into the landfill.

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